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Suzan & Jeff H.

Apple Valley, CA

Non-Profit Founder

We've used Clients Please's strategies for many years. They've helped us increase our Non-profit's traffic by +323% and increase online leads +267%. Our last public event they helped us get more than 1,500 individuals there. Every event we run gets bigger and more profitable.

Marketing agency - Calvin and wife leave a review about Clients Please.

Calvin & Saralia S.

Oro Valley, AZ

Cyber Security Business

We considered ourselves a very tech savvy company being in the cyber security field, but Clients Please increased our organic traffic +419% and +248% click rate. We didn't know that was even possible. Their strategies helped our business become very profitable.

Marketing agency - Jim leaves a review about Clients Please.

Jim M.

Globe, AZ

CEO - Chemical Engineer Company

"In a multi-billion dollar mining industry it's very difficult to stand out. Clients Please helped us implement profitable strategies  and is the best marketing agency we've ever used. We highly recommend them."

Marketing agency - Kim leaves a review about Clients Please.

Kim A.

Kansas City, MO

CEO - Caregiving Agency

"The personal connection with Clients Please has been so helpful. Their SEO websites are great but the ongoing personal connection to them has been most valuable for me."

Marketing agency - Nishia T leaves a review about Clients Please.

Nishia T.

Mesa, AZ

Publisher & Business Coach

"In one session with Clients Please I learned more about Business & Marketing than getting my Business degree. That's not an exaggeration either. Their marketing strategies have helped my business grow in a big way. Thanks Clients Please!"

About Us - SEO Company Of The Future

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Fair Pricing

We tailor our SEO website pricing to your unique business needs, developing the site first, and then determining the cost based on its profitability, ensuring a customized and beneficial solution for your success.

Marketing agency - clients please, treat pricing and people fairly.

Flexible 1 on 1 Consultations

Our SEO specialists provide flexible scheduling tailored to your dynamic lifestyle and business. We understand the entrepreneurial journey's demands, so we do our best to adapt to you!

Our SEO Code of Ethics

At Clients Please, LLC, we uphold the principles of integrity and personal accountability in our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. We are committed to achieving heightened rankings, enhanced traffic, and positive return on investment, we operate under a Code of Ethics that reflects our dedication to our clients:

1: We tirelessly work to elevate rankings, enhance conversions, and maximize return on investment for our clients' websites, staying abreast of evolving search engine algorithms and technological advancements.

2: We treat all clients equally, ensuring fair distribution of campaign efforts and, when needed, assigning separate SEO account managers and specialists.

3: We set realistic expectations and refrain from making unreasonable promises, fostering honest discussions about achievable results.

4: Complete confidentiality is maintained, protecting client information and ensuring non-disclosure agreements with our team.

5: We steer clear of activities that could harm a client's brand, adhering to search engine guidelines and eschewing penalizing tactics.

6: We reserve the right to decline partnerships with businesses deemed controversial or political, exercising discretion in our client selection.

7: We abide by published search engine rules and guidelines, staying current to prevent any potential violations.

8: Our practices comply with copyright laws and trademark regulations, and we uphold all applicable local, state, and international laws and regulations.

9: Originality is paramount; we provide unique content and designs, obtaining third-party content only with express consent.

10: We will not deceive or use misleading practices, ensuring accurate representation of clients in search engine results and on their websites.

11: Truthfulness prevails in all aspects of our services, certifications, training, and performance history, fostering transparent client relationships.

12: Adequate dispute resolution procedures are provided, including accessible Customer Support information and transparency about legal dispute resolution jurisdiction.

As SEO professionals, Clients Please, LLC, pledges to adhere to this SEO Code of Ethics, ensuring the integrity and prosperity of both our company and our clients' businesses.

~ Israel Macias, Co-CEO

[On behalf of our staff and associated partners]


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